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MAREPA was created in response to an urgent need and did not have the privilege of securing sustainable funding before creating the Safe Shelter.

We survived on one-time gifts from a variety of sources, but the impact of COVID was significant and by early 2021 we found ourselves in a desperate financial situation. We were unable to cover the expense of food and rent and the residents faced eviction and life on the streets.  At this time we began working with Urban Grace Church in Tacoma, Washington that has provided financial and organizational support to help us strengthen our infrastructure, particularly around financial management and communication. 

Since we are currently a Kenyan-based organization, Urban Grace has agreed to receive tax-deductible donations on our behalf, 100% of which will go directly to MAREPA.

We currently need $828USD of monthly support to provide rent, utilities, household supplies, organizational expenses, and food for the eleven residents currently living in the safe shelter. 


We are also in need of $2,300USD of one-time expenses to purchase beds, mattresses, bedding, a refrigerator, a TV, and a water dispenser for the house as well as a table, file cabinet, and two computers so we won’t have to write grants and newsletters on our mobile phones. 


We deeply appreciate your support; it is lifesaving to those of us whose lives are in danger because of their sexual orientation and gender identities.

To support MAREPA you can send a check with MAREPA in the memo line to:

Urban Grace Church

902 Market Street

Tacoma, WA 98402

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We are grateful to those vision-bearers who sacrificed so much to make transitory homes become a norm and safe spaces for LGBTQ+ who flee persecution

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